Redwood Heights Neighborhood News

by Denise Davila

Tree climber Dan Cooley rescued Dixie who was stranded for 3 1/2 days at the top of a tall redwood. Photo by Kenny Smith.

Creek to Bay Day Success

A special thank you goes to the neighbors who participated in Creek to Bay Day at Lion's Creek at McCrea Park on Carlsen St. and at Peralta Creek Park on Rettig Ave. For the benefit of the whole community, neighbors cleared weeds, debris, and brush from the creeks. They spread wood chips and prepared the creek bank for planting.'

Each year, more neighbors get involved in preserving and restoring the natural creek habitats that make Redwood Heights a green and environmentally conscious neighborhood.

For more information about how you can get involved in future activities, please consult the Redwood Heights Neighborhood Association Web site at

Gallant Rescue in Redwood Heights

A local feline, Dixie, climbed to the top of a giant redwood tree in Redwood Heights and "was stranded for 3 1/2 days crying her lungs out," says resident Gretchen Greene of Carlsen St.'

Each day that passed, concerned neighbors checked on Dixie's progress. "Is she down yet," they'd ask.'

Even Oakland firefighters, who are particularly busy this time of year, got involved. One crew made a gallant effort to rescue Dixie, but was called to a fire emergency before they could reach her.'

Finally, a professional tree trimmer saved the day. Amid an audience of 30 to 50 neighbors, he brought Dixie to safety. Everybody cheered, happy to see Ms. Dixie on the ground again.'

"Whew! I am so glad I was out of town for this great event of my cat," says a grateful Greene, who believes the heart of the affair is in "the love, the caring, and the friendship we all have for each other (and our pets) in our neighborhoods."

Like Greene, everybody can feel proud to be part of a neighborhood that goes the extra mile to foster a sense of community among residents and neighbors.