Metro Celebrates 20th Anniversary
Sheila D'Amico
Metro Celebrates 20th Anniversary ### We are 20! I know in the big picture, 20 years is not all that much. A recent trip to Rome reminded me of that. Standing in the midst of ancient ruins does give one perspective on the passage of time.

Above the Fold—a Meeting with Andreas Jones, Metro Graphic Designer
Meredith Florian
I suspect most Metro readers take for granted the design and layout of the paper, not aware of the complex skills and artistic talent required to produce such a

Lipstick, Candy, and Charm Enliven MacArthur
Julie Scheff
A DJ spun 12-inch vinyl, traffic slowed, and a crowd gathered. Clearly a scene had arrived at 2710 MacArthur near Coolidge.

Book Review:' The Imperfect Garden—A Memoir
Dominique Peytraud
The Imperfect Garden—A Memoir draws from the same deep well of humor, grace and wisdom thar has nourished Adina Sara's Imperfect Gardener readers on this