High Street Neighborhood News

by Adelle Foley

Bikeways along LAMMPS

Check out the pillars at Monticello and Fleming. Photo by Jack Foley.

Claire Antonetti, chair of the Maxwell Park Blight and Beautification Neighborhood Action Team and community project representative, was beaming as she reported that the City Council Public Works Committee had approved four bikeway resolutions, including one that mirrors last year’s LAMMPS (Laurel Access to Mills Maxwell Park and Seminary) project recommendations. Next year, the roadway between Richards Rd. and Seminary will be restriped for one auto lane plus one bike lane in each direction. Claire, LAMMPS mainstay Robert McGillis, Maxwell Park Neighborhood Council Chair Jose Dorado, and Mills College Architect Karen Fiene spoke in support of the bikeway resolutions. Claire thanked Jason Patton, Oakland’sBicycle and Pedestrian Program Manager, for his outstanding support of LAMMPS, and Iris Starr, Public Works Agency Division Manager, for keeping the LAMMPS project high profile and backing incremental steps forward throughout these challenging economic times.

A Great Addition to the Neighborhood

As I approached Fleming on Monticello I noticed three new pillars in the corner yard, their color and design matching the adjacent house. I pulled over just as Christine Dukey emerged from the house. She explained that when the wind blew down the old fence, she and her husband Jim were determined to replace it with something wonderful. The pillars were designed by their in-law, Eric Ellenberg, and built by R&C Construction. When we returned to take a photo, the Dukeys’ neighbor Jackson walked by with his dog Lobo and remarked “What a great addition to the neighborhood!”

ABusy Summer at Melrose Branch

As soon as school is out, Melrose Branch Library will launch a full summer of ongoing activities and special events. From June 16 to August 11, children, teens, and adults are welcome to participate in the summer reading program. Youngsters up to 12 who “Dream big, read” will take home prizes while they improve their reading skills. The Oakland Community Art Project will provide a chance for young people to work with a variety of materials on Wednesdays (4 to 8 year olds) 11 a.m. to noon, and Thursdays (9 to 14 year olds) from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. The Alameda County food bank will serve lunch from June 19 to August 17. Call the library at 535-5623 for lunch hours. Celebrate Juneteenth at 11:30 a.m. on June 16 with drummer Unique Derique and come back for programs ranging from Oakland Zoo animals (July 7) to Buki the clown (July 28).

Mosaic Finale at Maxwell Park

Come work on week ends

Through June 18th then pot luck

On June 23rd

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